10.3 billion pounds increase in the capital of stock exchange companies during the month of September

The companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange raised their capital by 20.5 billion pounds since the beginning of the year after 36 companies increased their capitals by 1.755 billion pounds in January, 806 million pounds in February, 1.7 billion pounds in March, 7 million pounds in April, and 138 million pounds. During May, 1672 million pounds in June, 1.4 billion pounds in July, 2.7 billion pounds in August, and 10.3 billion pounds in September.

3 companies on the stock exchange raised their capital during the week ending, they are the Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding, Zahraa El Maadi for Investment and Development, and Commercial International Bank (Egypt) from 749.6 million shares to 750.5 million shares, valued at $222.1 thousand for the first, and from 264 million shares to 528 million shares, with a value of 264 One million pounds for the second, and 1.982 billion shares to 2.982 billion shares, worth 10 billion pounds for the third.

The list of companies that raised their capital since the beginning of the year included Arab Engineering Industries and BIG Trading, the first from 166.6 million shares to 222.1 million shares, worth 20.8 million pounds, and the second from 150.8 million shares to 328.1 million shares, worth 17.7 million pounds.

The companies of Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt in pounds, Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt – in dollars, Marseille Egyptian Gulf for Arab Real Estate Investment, International for Medical Industries – ICME, raised their capital from 179.3 million shares to 2.15.2 million shares worth 573.3 million pounds for the first, and from 326.9 million shares To 392.3 million shares, worth 65.4 million pounds for the second, and from 72 million shares to 100.8 million shares, worth 28.8 million pounds for the third, and from 24.2 million shares to 57.7 million shares, worth 33.5 million pounds for the fourth.

The El Obour Company for Real Estate Investment also raised its capital from 5.9 million shares to 17.6 million shares, worth 58.8 million pounds, El Nasr Civil Works Company, its capital from 14.6 million shares to 20 million shares, worth 26.8 million pounds, and Suez Canal Bank, an Egyptian joint stock company, from 220 million shares to 290.4 One million shares worth 704.3 million pounds, Port Said for Agricultural Development and Contracting increased from 4 million shares to 20 million shares, valued at 16 million pounds, and Vertika Company for Industry and Trade increased from 2.353 million shares to 3.058 million shares, valued at 705.9 thousand pounds, and Fawry Company for Banking Technology and Electronic Payments, from 1.7 billion shares to 3.3 billion shares worth 800 million pounds.

During the month of April, 6 companies raised their capital with a value of 1.7 billion pounds, they are Sinai Cement from 68.1 million shares to 133.1 million shares worth 650.1 million pounds, and Arab Dairy Products “Arab Dairy – Panda” from 160 million shares to 290 million shares worth 130 million pounds. The Commercial International Bank (Egypt) increased from 1.97 billion pounds to 1.982 billion pounds, with a value of 122.7 million pounds.

Mansoura Poultry companies also raised its capital from 406 million shares to 487.2 million shares, worth 16.2 million pounds, the Egyptian Gulf Bank from 422.7 million shares to 453.1 million shares, worth 30.3 million pounds, and Delta Insurance from 31.5 million shares to 87.5 million shares, worth 224 million pounds.

I-Finance for Financial and Digital Investments raised its capital by 35.6 million pounds, bringing the number of shares from 1.8 billion shares to 1.84 billion shares, Ibn Sina Pharma from 960 million shares to 1.12 billion shares, worth 40 million pounds, and the Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding Company from 675.6 million shares to 679.8 1 million shares, valued at $1.04 million.

The Cairo Oil and Soap companies increased from 390 million shares to 2.34 billion shares, with an increase of 195 million pounds, and the Financial Group Hermes Holding from 973.1 million shares to 1.167 billion shares, worth 973.1 million pounds, and El Shams Housing and Development increased from 181.5 million shares to 226.9 million shares, with a value of 45.4 million. fairy.

The two companies of the Arab International Banking Company, the Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding Company, raised their capital on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, during the past week, from 15 million shares to 15.75 million shares, at a value of 7.5 million pounds for the first, and from 694 million shares to 700 million shares, at a value of 1.5 million pounds for the second, Dice Company. For ready-made garments, its capital increased from 530 million shares to 1.786 billion shares, with a value of 251.3 million pounds

The Egyptian Stock Exchange recorded an increase in its capital of 20 billion pounds during 2021, 8.7 billion pounds in 2020 for 37 companies, 10.3 billion pounds for 54 companies in 2019, and 27.6 billion pounds for 59 companies during 2019. In 2018, 4.8 billion pounds during the period from August to December 2017 for 22 companies.

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