11 conditions for appointment in business sector companies.. The new regulation reveals details

Article 19 of the new Human Resources Regulations for public business sector companies specifies the details of the terms of appointment in public business sector companies, whereby whoever occupies one of the positions in the company (subject to the provisions of Paragraph 13 of Article 20 and Article 28 related to the work of foreigners) is required to fulfill the following conditions.

1To be of Egyptian nationality.

2To have an educational qualification in the field of the job applied for.

3To be of good conduct and good reputation.

4Proficiency in reading and writing for those without an appropriate academic qualification.

5His age at the time of issuance of the appointment decision shall not be less than 18 Gregorian years.

6Performing military service or public service or being legally exempted from it.

7He must fulfill the requirements to fill the job according to the job description card.

8To successfully pass the prescribed tests for the job – if any.

9To prove his physical fitness for the job he is nominated for by the medical authority that

Determined by the company as well as pass drug abuse analysis.

10He must not have been convicted of a felony in any of the crimes

provided for in the Penal Code or similar crimes stipulated

In special laws, or a penalty restricting freedom for a crime

honor or honesty.

11He must not have been previously dismissed from service by a final disciplinary decision or ruling.

The Board of Directors may add other conditions that may be required by the nature of work for some jobs in the company.

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