2.43 billion dollars Egyptian fertilizer exports until last September

The data of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics monitored the development of total Egyptian exports of fertilizers in the period from January to September of last year 2022, compared to the same period in the previous year 2021, as the total exports of them recorded about two billion and 430 million dollars during 2022, while it was About one billion and 564 million dollars in the corresponding period in 2021, with an increase of about 866 million dollars.

Egypt’s exports of fertilizers remained among the most important Egyptian exports of finished goods, according to the agency’s data, as the total exports in September alone amounted to about $243 million, compared to $211 million in the same month in 2021, an increase of about $31 million.

In May, Egyptian exports of fertilizers also achieved a remarkable increase, with a total value of about $193.9 million, while it was $144.8 million in May 2021, an increase of about $49.1 million, an increase of about 33.9%.

In total, Egyptian exports increased last September, reaching about $4.11 billion, compared to $3.68 billion in the same month in 2021, an increase of $430 million, an increase of 11.6%, while the value of imports amounted to about $6.55 billion last September. , compared to $ 7.83 billion in the same month in 2021, a decline of 16.4%.

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