241 million dollars, a decline in Egypt’s imports of cars in one month

Egyptian imports of cars have achieved a significant decline in the recent period, according to government data, as Egyptian imports of passenger cars recorded about 75 million and 238 thousand dollars last June, down from 316 million and 575 thousand dollars in June 2021, a decline of 241 One million and 337 thousand dollars.

Foreign trade data issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics indicate that car imports came among the list of Egypt’s most important imports of consumer durables during that period, with a total value of about 196 million and 712 thousand dollars last June, compared to 682 million and 494 thousand dollars. dollars in the same month in 2021, a decrease of about 485 million and 782 thousand dollars.

Referring to the data for the first months of this year, the Egyptian imports of cars declined to about 85 million dollars last May, while they were 303.9 million dollars in May 2021, a decline of 218 million dollars and a decline rate of 72%.And last February, the total value of Egypt’s imports of passenger cars amounted to about 210 million and 991 thousand dollars, compared to 345 million and 141 thousand dollars in February 2021, a decline of about 134 million and 150 thousand dollars, while the Egyptian imports recorded last March of cars. Tractors, bicycles and their parts amounted to about 26 million and 50 thousand dollars last March, compared to 46 million and 378 thousand dollars in March of 2021, a decrease of 20 million and 328 thousand dollars.

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