3 amazing iPhone lock screen skins you need to try

Your iPhone has a highly customizable lock screen, as the latest iOS update provides a completely change of the lock screen, which can be taken advantage of through a simple set of steps.

How to change the lock screen look:

First make sure you are running the new iOS 16.

Go to Settings, then General, then Software Update to check.

Then you can press and hold the lock screen or go to settings and then wallpaper to start customizing.

Here are three different Apple Lock screen methods you need to know about, according to The Sun:

– Create multiple lock screens

When you create a second lock screen the first one doesn’t disappear, it’s still available for you to go back to it, just press and hold on the lock screen and then swipe left or right to choose the one you want, you can also save several lock screens to suit your mood or what you’re doing .

– Link the lock screen to Foucs بوضع mode

You can also set Foucs mode to a specific lock screen, just go to your focus settings and set the screen lock to Foucs mode, for example when Sleep Focus for bed is activated you might want a darker lock screen.

You can set it to be a navy blue or some kind of starry scene, and it can also be useful to create a professional lock screen when you’re at work – including using different tools.

– Edit your fonts

You may have already added widgets to the lock screen, but you can also customize it further by editing the font and color of the date and time, and it is possible to choose from a range of different fonts and colors to make your lock screen stand out.

And you can have different options across multiple lock screens, so you never get bored.

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