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3 thousand pounds .. the first move by the “private sector” regarding the minimum

10:31 PM

Thursday 27 October 2022

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Shaaban Khalifa, head of the union of private sector workers, appealed to the National Wages Council to convene to establish a minimum wage of 3,000 pounds in the private sector, on equality with state workers, in accordance with Article 53 of the Constitution, which stipulates non-discrimination between citizens.

This came after the government announced a package of social protection decisions for citizens, most notably: increasing the minimum wage to 3,000 pounds for state workers, in addition to approving an allowance of 300 pounds per month for pensioners.

Khalifa stressed, in a statement, that the social protection decisions are an important step to ensure an adequate standard of living for workers, protect them and improve their living conditions, calling on the government to quickly provide packages of social protection for private sector workers as well.

Khalifa called for studying and examining the conditions of establishments in the private sector and their ability to meet the entitlements of employment within them, and to implement new social protection mechanisms, in a way that does not affect workers and corporate profits at the same time, with the exception of companies other than leaders and affected by that only, pointing out that according to the data of the Ministry The workforce The official labor force reaches about 29 million workers, of whom 5 million work in the state administrative apparatus and public business sector companies, while 24 million workers work in commercial, industrial, service and tourism companies in the private sector, at a rate exceeding the 80% barrier.

He stressed that the worker in the private sector suffers from the frequent increase in the prices of basic life needs of food and drink without an increase in his salary, in addition to the financial burdens faced by Egyptian families due to the school season, which witnessed an unprecedented increase in the prices of expenses and school supplies.

Khalifa added that private sector workers fear the expected price increases in the coming hours, against the background of the decisions of the Central Bank of Egypt to liberalize the exchange rate and raise interest rates by 2%.

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