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4 days and the application ends.. Steps to obtaining an apartment for 194 thousand pounds

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Wednesday 02 November 2022

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

The Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund will end the reservation in apartments for all Egyptians 3, next Sunday, corresponding to November 6, as the sale and withdrawal of the conditions brochure and the payment of the seriousness of the reservation were completed last Thursday, October 27.

The apartments offered within a housing project for all Egyptians are ready for immediate delivery, with the exception of a few apartments that will be delivered after 18 months, and they are 90 meters apartments in all new cities and governorates, which are 3 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a fully finished hall.

In the latest announcement from the Social Housing Fund on the number of applicants, the Fund confirmed that more than 207 thousand terms of reference had been sold, and more than 77,000 reservation advances had been paid, while the number of those who registered and uploaded their documents on the website reached 44,000.

Social housing apartments ready for delivery, the reservation provider will be 15,000 pounds to be paid in the mail throughout the application period, but the apartments that will be delivered after 18 months will be 22,000 pounds.

The papers are currently being uploaded and uploaded to the website designated for this.Press here).

The remaining steps for booking are as follows:

The next step for obtaining an apartment in housing for all Egyptians after the end of the application period will be after two to three months, and it is represented in announcing the names of the applicants who meet the conditions, as well as those who uploaded the papers correctly on the website, and violators of the conditions are excluded and the number of applicants within each city is informed.

The second step is to pay the first quarterly installment, and this continues for 6 installments for some units that have been clarified in the terms booklet, and the value of the installment is 4000 pounds, and there are apartments for which quarterly installments are not paid.

– The third step comes shortly before the end of the payment of the installments, which is the field inquiry about the applicants, where the query representative begins to verify the applicants’ data in the field and a visit is made to the place of residence or workplace or both. file on the bank.

The fourth step, which is related to the bank, where the bank, which is the financing party, communicates with the barrier to determine the receipt payment as well as the monthly installments and sign the promise contracts after determining the building number and unit number, and it is expected to start within a few months from now.

According to the booklet of conditions for the reservation of housing apartments for all Egyptians, there are 3 prices for social housing apartments, the first price is 194 thousand pounds, the second price is 207 thousand, and the third price is 310 thousand pounds.

The difference in the prices of social housing apartments is due to the date of delivery of the units and the timing of their implementation, as the apartments with the lowest price of 194 thousand and 207 thousand are located in the cities and governorates of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, and these units are ready for immediate delivery and were implemented in previous periods and were offered at the same price more than once.

But the 310,000 apartments are still under construction and are located in two areas in Giza and Bahri governorates, so their price is higher than the units that were implemented before that, and these units will be delivered after 18 months.

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