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4 points were said against Al-Shaarawi.. Al-Sisi’s advisor responds, amid the uproar of attacking the cleric

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Osama Al-Azhari, advisor to the Egyptian President, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi for religious affairs, commented on the widespread uproar among activists on social media, after an Egyptian media attack on the late cleric, Mohamed Metwally Al-Shaarawi.

Al-Azhari said in a statement on his official Facebook page: “Imam Al-Shaarawi is a symbol of science and patriotism: Imam Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi is a symbol of knowledge, patriotism and Egyptian giving to all the Arab and Islamic world, but some have revenge with Imam Al-Shaarawi for an unknown reason.”

And he continued, saying: “1- One of them says in his narrations: (The honorable companions are murderers and ISIS).. It is not strange that he says something like this about Imam Al-Shaarawi, who protected people from extremism and terrorism.. 2- Fifty years ago, Imam Al-Shaarawi filled the world with knowledge, so what we have seen No one shed a drop of blood, did not take up arms, and did not become an ISIS member because of a word he heard from Sheikh Al-Shaarawi.

And he added: “3- He says that Imam Al-Shaarawi is against the Copts.. The head of the Copts, Pope Shenouda, responds to him, as he says in the elegy of Imam Al-Shaarawi: (We were greatly affected by the death of the virtuous Sheikh Metwally Al-Shaarawi, as he is a man of a scholar who is well versed in his knowledge, and he is also loved by thousands and dozens Thousands and hundreds of thousands, and he is trusted by many in all of his opinion, and he lived as a preacher, writer, and poet, and his health weakened in the last days, and God wanted him to rest from the fatigue of this world, and I had bonds of affection and love with him in the last years of his life, We were spending a good time together, and we were also bound by the love of literature and poetry. We ask for condolences to all his fans and his family.”

And Al-Azhari concluded: “4- He says (Imam Al-Shaarawi dealt with the Egyptian people as a star and not as a sheikh), so the Egyptian people respond to him with this video at the funeral of Sheikh Al-Shaarawi, who is overflowing with love and appreciation, and the Egyptian people are not deceived by anyone, and no one is superior to him, but rather knows the truthful of the liar.”

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