5 products from Apple that I went to .. “You will not know how to buy them again”

After revealing the iPhone 14 series, Apple has abandoned some products and replaced them with new ones. Here is a look at five popular Apple products you can’t buy anymore:

– Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch 3 survived for five years and was probably the gateway to most Apple Watch users. Launched in 2017, the Apple Watch got regular software updates, price cuts and remained the cheapest Apple Watch you could buy. Finally, it decided to give up support for one of its most popular smartwatches.

– AirPods Pro

Back in 2019, when Apple launched the AirPods Pro, it was hailed by almost everyone as the standard device. The noise cancellation was great, the fit was comfortable and the sound output was the most consistent, but the battery life wasn’t great, but the AirPods Pro were the device. Which every excellent wireless earbud has been compared to, and now that the second generation of AirPods Pro has arrived, Apple has stopped production of the original AirPods Pro.

-Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE was launched alongside the Apple Watch Series 6 as a low-end option, and it had a lot of the best features but not just the best ones, as Apple’s idea was to have another affordable lineup alongside the Watch Series 3, and with the launch of the second generation of Apple Watch SE, the first release is officially discontinued.

– Apple iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max

With the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro series, it is not surprising that the production of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max has been discontinued, as Apple does this every year when new iPhones arrive, as the “Pro” series models have been discontinued.

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