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“50 chicks for every citizen”… a proposal that causes an uproar in Egypt

middle Poultry crisis And the high prices that Egypt is currently witnessing, the pioneers of social networking sites transmitted during the past hours a proposal to spend 50 chicks (sauce) on ration cards for each citizen.

Member of the Egyptian Parliament, Evelyn Matta, had reservations about the current proposal, which was put forward by the advisor to the Chairman of the Poultry Chamber of Commerce in Damietta, saying that it is “untrue.”

Matta stressed that the proposal to provide chicks on the ration card will not work, especially since most citizens reside in housing units intended for housing only and do not have a place to raise chicks, in addition to the chicks’ need for food consisting of fodder, corn and hygiene supplies, and this is what the citizen cannot provide them. In light of the living conditions the country is witnessing due to the high prices.

Plots for young people

The member of the House of Representatives indicated that raising chicks is suitable in spacious places and not in residential units, suggesting that the state distribute plots of land to young people and provide 50 chicks for each young man so that he can establish a large poultry farm, which will create competition in prices to lower poultry prices in Egypt. She stressed the importance of state support for youth projects and continuous follow-up to them.

Tamer Abaza’s statements, advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce for the poultry sector in Damietta Governorate, regarding adding 50 chicks to each citizen on ration cards, were met with a wide wave of comments on social media, between supporters and opponents of the idea.

Some of them welcomed the idea, and some of them considered it useless, because whoever has the expenses of raising 50 chicks does not deserve the ration card in the first place.

Thinking outside the box

In his statement, Abaza indicated that there is a proposal regarding the disbursement of chicks on ration cards for citizens, explaining: “The Ministries of Supply and Agriculture may coordinate with each other, for example, to issue 50 chicks for each citizen benefiting from the ration to raise and benefit from them.”

He explained, “The state must think outside the box in light of the current crisis and the high prices of poultry. The main goal of putting out chicks is to provide at least 30 chicks for each Egyptian family, and those chicks will be used after being raised as poultry.”

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