57 years since the screening of the movie “My Woman, General Manager” .. and the reason for the exclusion of Rushdi Abaza from his starring role

Today passes Friday, 57 years since the movie “Marati General ManagerWhere the film was shown on January 20, 1966, and the film is considered one of the classics of Egyptian cinema. In the film, the star Shadia defended the work of women and their right to build an independent entity and a successful personality, and challenged the society that sees the wife as her place in the home.

And the movie My Marati, Director General, starring Shadia, Salah Zulfiqar, Adel Imam, Kariman, Hala Fakher, Youssef Shaaban and Tawfiq Al-Dakan, and it was written by Abdel Hamid Gouda Al-Sahar and directed by Fatin Abdel-Wahhab.

The film revolves around Hussein Omar, the head of the projects department, who is surprised by the transfer of his wife, Esmat, as a manager to the construction company in which he works. All under the hearing and sight of Hussein.

The star, Rushdi Abaza, was the hero of the film in front of Shadia, and he got 2000 pounds, and after agreeing with Abaza to star in the film, the artist Salah Zulfiqar married the star Shadia at the time, and after their marriage, the two found that it was possible to invest their marriage by doing tournaments together, so there was a desire to replace Rushdie. Abaza Salah Zulfiqar in the championship “My wife is a general manager”, but no one dared to inform Rushdie of the matter.

With the first day of filming in Nahas Studio, without the knowledge of Abaza, the film workers were surprised by Rushdie’s presence in the studio. Before Rushdie entered the shooting location, all the workers and heroes rushed to their rooms for fear of his reaction, so Rushdie entered the theater and found it empty of everyone. After about a quarter of an hour, Rushdie came out. And he left without anyone knowing what Rushdie had done with the decoration.

They were all surprised by the presence of a bouquet of flowers that Rushdie placed inside the studio, and next to him were 2,000 pounds, the amount of the film’s deposit, a paper written on it, my brother Salah. I wish you success.

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