6 photographers from the Middle East and Africa win prizes during their participation in the HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE 2022 competition.

The award-winning works in the international competition “The Beauty and Diversity of the Region” are presented

Huawei’s annual smartphone photography competition announced the award winners HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE 2022Where 54 award-winning works were revealed, which included 3 Grand Prize winners, 24 winners within the “Best in its Class” track, and 27 second-place winners. This has launched the competition Next image 2022 On the first of August of last year and it remained open for more than three months and received thousands of entries from all over the world, as photographers from the region made a strong presentation in the competition, which resulted in the victory of 6 participants from the Middle East and Africa region among the 54 winning works.

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we take pictures. With smartphone cameras improving year after year, users are less dependent on digital cameras. According to some studies, more than 85% of photos are taken with smartphones, and this percentage will rise in the future. The small size and flexibility that smartphones offer over traditional cameras helps photography enthusiasts push the boundaries of this art form. Moreover, smartphones provide amateur photographers with the opportunity to compete against professional cameras. Awards contest helped The following image is for Huawei bridging the gap over the years. The fact that many of this year’s winners are amateur photographers such as students, doctors and engineers proves the above point.

Celebrating the beauty of everyday life

Four photographers from the Middle East and Africa won the Best in Category award, while two others won second place. Besides winning the award, these photographers also do an excellent job of showing the diversity and charm of the region’s rich culture. Their images highlight the unique perspectives and stories that these cultures offer the world. Category winner storyboard Is Marc Anthony richer? Mark Anthony Agti based in the United Arab Emirates, with a series of nine images that beautifully depict the interesting and diverse ways people use their hands in their daily lives. These images are dramatic and benefit from the clever use of color.

The second place in the Portrait category was won by Junaid Jaafar, who resides in the United Arab Emirates. His Portrait of a Young Girl is a fine example of portrait style photography. The light shining from right to left on the girl’s face gives depth and dramatic effect to the portrait. tel HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro Also did a great job outlining the girl’s hair and applying a blur effect to just the background.

Interestingly, an anonymous participant from Saudi Arabia came out as the winner in the Sports category. This image does a great job of freezing the movement of water droplets falling from the subject’s head. The blue colors of the water and good use of lighting also help the image stand out.

A photo taken at Souk Al-Mubarakiya in Kuwait City shows that even mundane, everyday objects can be interesting when viewed from the right perspective. Second place winner in the category “hello lifeThe picture attracts the viewer’s attention with a clearly visible beam of light that radiates the only person in the picture.

Kalinga Nkungi from Zambia also took home the award for Best Picture of the Year. His black and white photograph, titled Summer Joy – summer joy, captures the priceless smile on a child’s face as he splashes in a wash bowl to cool off the summer heat. Monochrome images can convey deeper meanings than color images when used well, and this image is an excellent example to prove it.

Nine energizing categories

Awards included HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE 2022 Nine categories of posts: Art & Fashion, Outdoors, Portraits, Sports, hello life, Storyboard, Action, Storytelling Short Film, and Feature Narrative Film, with the best-in-class and second-place winners being selected. for every. Three acts:dutyLadao Felipe Fernandez Salgado, andJust Shineto Enrica Brescia, andfireworks“for Wang Zhihao It won worldwide acclaim within the international jury. Each of the three works recognized as Grand Prize winners will receive a cash prize of US$10,000 to encourage them in their future artistic endeavors. Similarly, each of the 24 best-in-class winners will receive a Creative Fund Award next photo With a value of $1,500, each of the 27 winners will receive a phone HUAWEI P50 Pro.

Aim Awards The following image is for Huawei To inspire everyday users to capture life’s important moments through mobile photography. Saw awards Next image 2022 Also adding five new categories: art, fashion, and sports, and three categories for video: action, storytelling short film, and feature film. Since its launch in 2017, it has been winning awards The following image is for Huawei It is a unique showcase of Huawei’s outstanding photography business for mobile phone users. The competition will continue to inspire and engage with talented mobile users as Huawei introduces innovative mobile imaging technologies and experiences.

As Huawei continues to innovate in mobile photography, and lead the art with technology, the company officially launched a new brand – XMAGE, on July 2, 2022, which represented a new milestone and a breakthrough in Huawei’s photographic capabilities. The new tag will work Huawei XMAGE As a major driver of new technologies and imaging paradigms. In the future, Huawei will continue to innovate technology and design new capture experiences for Huawei mobile phone users globally.

Photographers contest

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