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7.5 million tires annually bearing the slogan “Made in Egypt” soon

The state has started activating settlement steps Vehicle tire industry various, within the framework of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to localize the industry locally and reduce the import gap; To adjust the trade balance, especially as it is an important and necessary industry to not only provide the consumption of tires for the local market, but also for Egypt to become an export base for Africa and the Middle East, especially after the significant increase in tire prices globally.

The beginning of the localization of the industry was through the signing of a contract between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and Hill International Company, to start the executive steps to launch the production plant project. vehicle tyres Of all kinds, including passenger and transport vehicles, buses, agricultural tractors, monorails and heavy equipment, under the slogan “Made in Egypt”, it produces about 7.5 million tires annually.

Previously, in October 2020, a framework agreement was signed for cooperation with the Holding Company for Chemical Industries, and it was agreed to establish a strong national industrial alliance to manufacture vehicle tires of all types, including passenger and transport vehicles, buses, agricultural tractors, and heavy equipment, and to establish a vehicle tire factory in the economic zone of the Canal. Suez in Ain Sokhna on an area of ​​450 thousand square meters.

This industrial project is a step on the right path to promote this type of local investment, so that Egypt becomes a regional center for the manufacture of car tires, to achieve self-sufficiency for the Egyptian market, according to international quality standards, and also to open new markets for export to African and Arab countries, which is positively reflected in the provision of currency. Foreign affairs and strengthening the Egyptian economy.

It is noteworthy that the Chemical Holding received a letter from the largest Belarusian companies specialized in the manufacture of automobile tires, which are globally classified, during the visit organized by the Arab Federation of Oil and Mines, to discuss cooperation in the field of trading and manufacturing automobile tires, as that company manufactures 300 types of tires.

The new factory will provide imports worth $2 billion annually, and 5 million tires can be produced annually, which will be gradually increased. According to the plan, the project includes 5 types of tires, including buses, agricultural equipment, tractors, small motorcycles, etc. And transportation together, which represents more than 80%, and the small category that we will deal with will remain through transportation and engineering factories, as it will not need high technology and we can manufacture it by bringing in a foreign partner.

Also, the use of a global partner with experience in manufacturing car tires; It contributes to the localization of a national industry, especially since Egypt has various trade agreements with various countries of the world, explaining that 7 million vehicle tires can be gradually manufactured annually during the coming period in Egypt, to meet the needs of the local market and export while accommodating more than one tire factory.

Egypt is a large importer of millions of tires annually from various tires for all vehicles, amounting to about 15 million tires. Therefore, this represents an opportunity for the new factory to provide tires for the local market and for export by benefiting from Arab and European agreements and addressing Europe without customs.

It is noteworthy that there are 10 million vehicles in Egypt, and car tires were imported at about $2 billion annually, so the presence of a tire production plant in Port Said is a great achievement for the Egyptian state because it will export its products to 11 Arab, African and European countries.

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