7 Information about “Tiba”, the first Egyptian communications satellite.. Get to know it

The National Unity Network for Emergency Services project revealed management centers for the Egyptian satellite “Tiba”, which is the first satellite dedicated to communications purposes. “The Seventh Day” provides 7 information about the headquarters and its uses.

1- The Tiba 1 satellite was launched on November 26, 2019, and it is the first satellite in the Egyptian Tiba Sat series.

2- The Tiba 1 satellite was designed in Egypt without the help of any foreign experience, and it contains high-resolution and quality cameras for the service of satellite imaging. It was manufactured by the French companies “Airbus” and “Thales Alenia”, with the participation of Egyptian technicians in all stages of manufacturing from design to Operation, where the operation is carried out by two stations, whose personnel received extensive training courses to control the transmission and reception of data.

3- Thebes Moon 1 contributes to supporting comprehensive development efforts that the state implements on every inch of Egypt’s land according to a precise scientific plan that achieves optimal utilization and utilization of Egypt’s natural, industrial and human resources to provide a decent life for the Egyptian citizen and to put Egypt in the position it deserves, which it deserves regionally and internationally.

4- It also contributes to providing telecommunication services to the governmental and commercial sectors and providing comprehensive coverage to some North African and Nile Basin countries.

5- The satellite has a role in advancing development by providing broadband communications and internet infrastructure for remote and isolated areas; In order to support development projects in these areas, as well as to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas.

6- There are many uses for the moon in promoting sectors: petroleum, energy, mineral wealth, education, health, and other government sectors, and supporting all state agencies in the fight against crime and terrorism.

7- The “Tiba 1” satellite is characterized by high speeds and very small delay times, which enhances the spatial and temporal availability through 100% full coverage of the communications and Internet service through the work of the terrestrial network and the “satellite” communications network together.

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