7 Steps to Electronically Submitting Complaints Against Non-Banking Financial Companies

The Financial Supervisory Authority has launched an electronic portal dedicated to receiving complaints from customers of non-banking financial services companies, with the aim of speeding up the process of receiving, examining and completing complaints received by the Authority. The Authority has identified 7 steps for submitting complaints through the portal, which are:

1- Any interested party can submit their complaint/report on any facts related to any of the non-banking financial activities, through the customer complaints portal available on the official website of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

2- Create an account for the case of dealing for the first time. In the event that the customer files a complaint for the first time, he will click on Create an account to register the basic data.

3- After registering the data, an e-mail with the confirmation number (OTP) is sent to verify the validity of the e-mail address and to confirm the registration process.

4- The portal is entered by typing the user name (the national number of the registered customer) and the previously registered password.

5- A page appears for the user that allows him to submit a complaint, and it appears if the complainant is a person / entity (legal person). The page also allows the possibility of placing the complainant’s agent data, and the page enables the customer to choose the required activity (money market / insurance / financing activities When selecting the activity, the user’s classifications of the entities working in it will appear, and the customer can attach any documents related to the complaint on the same page.

6- After pressing the Submit Complaint button, a page appears with the complaint reference number, confirming that the complaint has been successfully registered.

7- You can enter again in the same way as before to follow up on the complaint through the reference number.

According to the data of the Central Department of Customer Complaints, the total number of complaints received by the authority reached 2,032 during the period from January to September 2022, and the study and examination of 2014 complaints was completed, with a completion rate of 99.1% of the complaints received by the authority so far during 2022.

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