7 tips to keep your car from being stolen.. Get to know them

The majority are exposed to individual accidents and thefts of their car in different ways, and most of them depend on the element of surprise. Therefore, “The Seventh Day” offers you a set of important tips to prevent theft of your car and be as careful as possible, as follows:

First: Before you start the car, you must make sure that the center lock is closed for the four doors, and be careful when stopping at the signals because gang formations resort to the method of surprise. There must be an alarm in the car, and it is better to install it at the dealership so that the main electrical braid is not tampered with by an electrician outside the agency. And the car comes out of the warranty… It is also preferable to raise the sensitivity of the alarm so that it sounds its whistle for the slightest movement next to the car.

Second: Try as much as possible to use the steering wheel lock, which is installed and dismantled with the key, and keep away from the pedal lock, which is dismantled by simply hitting it with a hammer or injecting it with fire water, especially in old models.

Third: The car key should not be left with anyone, no matter who it is.. Although the keys of modern cars are encrypted, and when the key is copied, the car will not start with a copied key, but that key can open the doors of the car normally. through the wires.

Also, leaving the backup copy with the doorman increases the risk of car theft..because the thief could be close to the doorman and follow the owner of the car to steal it while the owner is shopping in an area other than his place of residence.

Fourth: Valuable items should not be left exposed inside the car, even if they are simple, because newspapers, for example, etc., should not be placed inside a plastic bag in a conspicuous place. The same place, but an inspection can be done in a safe place.

Fifth: Do not leave the car in a side or quiet street, and it should be parked near the house so that you can look at it from time to time… and if you hear the sound of the alarm, you can be assured of it easily.. and it is better to park it in a garage that has it. guard.

Sixth: In anticipation of the occurrence of any theft, a portable device can be purchased for a small price not exceeding one hundred pounds, and a line can be purchased to be placed on it and hidden inside an inconspicuous place such as under the dashboard or under the back sofa, so that if the car is stolen, you can report the car to be searched for and its location determined by a number. Mobile.

Seventh: Do not stand for anyone, whatever the circumstances, in the morning or in the evening. If circumstances force you to make any repairs related to the car’s electricity outside the agency…go to any specialized electrician, but away from the place of residence.

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