8 facts about Africa’s vulnerability to climate change, most notably its need for $62 billion annually

The continent of Africa suffers greatly from climatic changes and the negative impact of climate changes on the continent in terms of floods, droughts and rising temperatures.

This threatens the continent’s natural resources, which necessitates concerted efforts at the Climate Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh to support the continent of Africa. Learn 8 information about the continent of Africa and its relationship to climate.

1- The participation of the private sector in the adaptation financing file in Africa does not exceed 3% out of 11.4 billion.

2- It comes mainly from institutional investors and charities.

3- It is important to enhance the participation of the private sector and cooperation with the insurance sector.

4- It is necessary to avoid borrowing, especially with the high-risk environment, in addition to providing the necessary technology and financing.

5- According to the report by the Climate Policy Initiative, Africa needs $2.8 trillion between 2020 and 2030.

6- The brown continent will need about $277 billion annually to meet climate challenges.

7- Africa currently receives only about $29.5 billion annually, of which $14.6 billion is for mitigation and about $11.4 billion for adaptation.

8- The continent needs to multiply the amount allocated for adaptation by 6 times to reach 62 billion dollars.

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