8 steps to prepare the budget for neighborhoods and cities in the new fiscal year.. Get to know them

1- The financial agencies concerned with each local unit (governorate/center/city/district/village) prepare their draft budgets, including revenues and expenditures, in accordance with the rules and principles set forth in this publication, provided that all data and documents on which the estimates of revenues and expenditures are based are attached to the project.

2- The draft budget for each local unit (center/city/neighborhood/village) is sent to the financial apparatus of the governorate.

3- The governor presents the combined project for the governorate’s budget to the People’s Assembly for discussion and approval (if it exists).

4- Each governorate shall send the combined project for its budget immediately after its approval by the local People’s Assembly to the Minister of Local Administration for discussion with the concerned governor. A copy of the aforementioned project shall also be sent to each of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development no later than December 14, 2022.

5- Each of the service directorates in the governorate prepares its draft budget, including revenues and expenditures, in accordance with the rules and principles mentioned in this publication, with all the data and documents supporting its proposals attached. Then the combined governorate budget draft is sent to the Ministry of Finance no later than December 14, 2022, and its copy is sent to the Minister of Development. Local and each of the competent sectoral ministry to which the Service Directorate is affiliated and a copy of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration for the first chapter, as well as a copy of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development with regard to the sixth chapter.

6- Each governorate must provide, within its budget projects, details of the funds’ spending appropriations, their accounts, and their sources of financing in a detailed manner distributed over the types, items, and chapters concerned according to the nature of the economic division, for each account/fund separately, and to send a copy of the statement of investment projects that Funded through funds and special accounts to the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development for study and inclusion in the investment plan for the province.

7- Determining and separating the financial appropriations of the local people’s council (if any) and distributing them at the level of item and type, with specifying the number of members of the local people’s councils.

8- The governorates’ commitment to inventory their needs of equipment, machinery, and vehicles, within the limits of the amounts they included for those needs in their budget for the fiscal year 2022/2023, and to send the inventory to the Ministry of Local Development after its approval by the governor.

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