9 conditions for electronic voting on the general public of stock exchange companies.. Get to know them

The Financial Supervisory Authority has set the conditions and controls that companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange must follow during electronic voting on general assemblies, which are:

1- The means of insurance and protection necessary to ensure the confidentiality and non-violation of the decisions of the General Assembly and voting on them, in accordance with the specifications approved by the Authority.

2- Permission to attach documents related to the topics to be discussed in the general assembly meeting, as well as allowing shareholders to view these documents.

3- Permission to extract copies of the reports confirming the holding of the general assembly meeting and voting on its decisions, especially an extract of the shareholders’ attendance list and the result of voting on each of the presented topics.

4- Evidence of confirming the identity of the shareholder present at the general assembly meeting, and proof of his attendance.

5- Ensure that the shareholder freezes his shares with the custodian at least three days before the meeting of the general assembly.

6- Not allowing the remote voting shareholder to use the proxy right to vote, as remote voting must be through the owner shareholder.

7- Enabling the shareholder to express his opinion by voting on each of the topics presented at the general assembly meeting and asking the necessary inquiries regarding them.

5 working days before and during the meeting, and the system must also include enabling the association’s officials to respond to these inquiries.

8- Allowing the shareholder who voted before the meeting of the assembly and wishes to change his vote in the physical attendance of the general assembly meeting on the day of its convening.

9- Allow cumulative voting to elect members of the company’s board of directors.

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