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“A Base in the Lake” .. Hadeer Al-Hadi’s lawyer reveals the details of her exit from

10:55 PM

Monday 07 November 2022

Books – Mahmoud El-Shorbagy:

Essam Al-Tabbakh, the lawyer of the tik-tok girl, Hadeer Al-Hadi, confirmed that she was released from her prison in Qanater prison several days ago, after serving her prison term – two full years – and paying the fine estimated at 100,000 pounds.

Al-Tabbakh added, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, that Hadeer is not currently being investigated in any communications after his release from her prison, explaining that the competent authorities decided to release her after completing her imprisonment in Case No. 762 of 2020, Cairo’s economic misdemeanour, and her name was not related any other issues.

The Cairo Economic Court punished the tiktok girl, Hadeer Al-Hadi, with two years in prison and a fine of 100,000 pounds, for accusing her of human trafficking.

Al-Tabbakh indicated that Hadeer Al-Hadi, after leaving her prison, headed to her hometown in Beheira Governorate, and she will return after two weeks to Cairo again to determine the future of her business in the coming period.

The security services had arrested a girl named Hadeer Al-Hadi; She was accused of creating accounts on social media and publishing indecent videos.

The beginning came with the General Administration for the Protection of Ethics monitoring the girl’s management of her personal accounts on some social networking sites, and the publication of videos that are indecent to public modesty, and represent an attack on family and social values ​​and principles because of the call they carry with them to incite immorality; In pursuit of financial gain.

After legalizing the procedures, a joint mission was able to arrest the girl in the First October Police Department in Giza Governorate, and by searching her home, a mobile phone loaded with videos of the accused with indecent content and photographic equipment used by the accused in preparing her indecent videos were seized.

Confronting it, it admitted setting up electronic accounts on some applications, as well as two channels on a social networking site, through which it prepares, shoots and broadcasts clips with indecent content, to achieve high viewing rates. With the aim of obtaining profit and profit.

The girl also admitted to the habit of practicing immoral acts through social networking sites in exchange for sums of money, and legal measures were taken, and she was referred to trial before the Cairo Economic Court.

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