A big scandal shakes the artistic community.. A famous artist was arrested practicing vice with a young man, and when her husband, the director caught her, something happened that was not in the imagination.!!

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Shaking the artistic community.. A famous artist caught committing vice with a young man on the bed of her husband, the director, in a scandal that shook the artistic community in Tunisia,

A well-known director managed to catch his wife red-handed with a young man on his bed inside his apartment. In the details, published by Tunisian media,

The Tunisian security authorities arrested a famous artist after she was caught with her lover in her husband’s apartment, who prepared a tight ambush for her and then called the security forces to arrest her.

The Public Prosecution authorized the arrest of the artist and her lover, to be investigated for a forbidden crime in addition to the crime of drug abuse.

Sources revealed that the artist’s husband, a well-known film director in Tunisia, filed a complaint against his wife, as he reported that he lives with his wife in an apartment in “Al-Nasr neighborhood.”

He usually visits France and has a surveillance camera in the apartment. She explained that the artist’s husband assured the security authorities that he had seen the camera recordings, which his wife did not know existed, only to discover that his wife entered with a young man he did not know.

She indicated that the actress’s husband returned to Tunisia and was able to arrest them inside his house, so he informed the security forces, where the Sub-Department of Social Protection pledged the matter in coordination with the Public Prosecution.

And the security forces arrested the actress, accompanied by her lover, at home, and by searching the place, pieces were found suspected of being narcotic substances, which will be analyzed for verification.

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