A bride took her mother with her on her honeymoon..A week later, she discovered the thunderbolt surprise. This is what her mother was doing with her husband without her knowledge.

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A British woman was shocked by her mother’s betrayal of her with her husband, after she took her with her on her honeymoon, only to be surprised by the birth of a child from her husband, which caused the collapse of her marital relationship.

Lovestroke Lauren Wall was so grateful to her mum for sponsoring her wedding (£15,000) that she even took her on their honeymoon. However, the 19-year-old girl quickly discovered her mistake. Nine months after the wedding, mother Jolie gave birth to his daughter, Paul White, and they are now a married couple.

“Paul has always been fine with my mom,” said Lauren. “I didn’t think it was weird, they laughed a lot together, I wasn’t worried at all.”
After four weeks, the secret was revealed to her, as “Lauren’s sister was using her mother’s phone, and she found messages exchanged between her and her husband, to confront her mother with her, but she denied this,

She tells her, “You’re crazy,” and when she confronts her husband, he refuses to let her see his phone. Days later, Paul took off his wedding ring and separated from his new bride and their seven-month-old daughter. It broke up and although the mother and husband had always denied having an affair, they moved in together. The people I loved and trusted the most in the world could betray me.”

She described her mother as a patient after this behavior, which is one of the worst things a mother can do about her daughter, as she should give her love and protection for me above all, according to the newspaper, “Daily Mirror”. But “instead, she stole my husband, destroying my family and my dreams. I will never forgive her.”

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