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“A corpse without a head and arms”… Details of a terrifying murder in Abdeen

09:43 PM

Monday, January 23, 2023

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy:

The security services of the Cairo Security Directorate revealed details of a crime that sparked panic in the Abdeen area in central Cairo, after residents found a dismembered body inside an apartment in the police station.

The Abdeen Police Department received a report from the people stating that they had found parts of a corpse inside an apartment in Abdeen after an unpleasant smell emanated from the inside, and upon investigating the matter, they found a corpse cut into several parts, where the head was separated from the body and the arms and feet were cut off, which sparked panic among the The families because of the exciting details of the crime.

By moving the detectives, conducting investigations, and examining surveillance cameras, the identity of the victim, “A.M”, aged 56, was established, and that a friend of his was behind the commission of the crime due to financial disputes.

And by codifying the procedures, the accused was seized, who confessed to committing the crime when the detectives confronted him, and indicated that he did not intend to kill him, but a verbal altercation occurred between them due to financial differences, during which he pushed him, and he fell on the ground and blood flowed from his body. .

And the accused continued in his confessions, after a few minutes I thought of hiding the features of the corpse, so I cut off its organs with a sharp tool, and separated the head from the body, the arms and the feet, in preparation for getting rid of it to hide all the details of the crime, but I was unable to do so because of the size of the corpse and the possibility of revealing my matter during its transportation, so I left the crime scene And I ran away.

In the same context, the Public Prosecution ordered the transfer of the body to the Zeinhom morgue to sign the forensic examination, and to authorize the burial after the completion of the forensic examination.

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