A crime that shows the signs of the hour… His pregnant daughter died, and hours after her burial, the guard called him and told him that your daughter’s grave was on fire… and when the father went, the shock was chilling and causing head fun!

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Our story today begins from inside a simple house consisting of a father, a mother and two sisters. The big girl was completely different from the little girl.

She was polite as well as diligent in her studies until she was able to enter the medical school to realize his dream of becoming the most famous doctor one day.

That is why she was receiving a lot of punishment from her father for what she does, and as a result, the young girl did not complete her education and became confined to the house since leaving school in high school.

The little girl could not stand her father’s bitter words every day, nor the look of pride and arrogance with which they looked at her older sister, and for this she wanted to get rid of all the troublesome things, and through this bitter feeling, she met a young man who was not very different from her and loved him, and she often asked him to go to her father and deliver her from this hell,

And when the young man agreed and went to the father, and if he refused this young man; Because he knows very well that he is not the right person and has many flaws.

But the girl insisted on this young man and told them that she would leave the house and run away with him, and then they would marry without their knowledge. The father had nothing to do with him and wanted him to get rid of this deadly headache. Indeed, he finally agreed to marry her daughter to this young man.

After the marriage, the personality of this young man began to appear in its true form. He was an eccentric person who used alcohol constantly and carelessly, as well as taking narcotics all the time.

The girl did not tell her father anything about her husband so that she would not feel remorse and embarrassment in front of her father because she was the one who insisted on this young man and will bear everything and try hard to stand by him and rid him of those toxins.

Indeed, her life continued in this way until she became pregnant with a child. Everyone was happy with this matter from the beginning of the father, even though he did not agree to this marriage.

A few months later, the father found a call from his daughter-in-law in the middle of the night telling him that his daughter had passed away. The father did not believe what he had heard. How could this be possible?!, and when he went there, the news was true and that his daughter had died with her child in her womb.

After that, the older sister insisted that she take her younger sister and take her to the morgue to find out what exactly was the cause of death. Because her sister was fine yesterday and did not have any disease.

But the husband and the father rejected the idea of ​​the doctor, but she insisted on this matter and told them that if the situation reached her to take her out of her grave and explain her to know the secret behind her death, she would do this.

After the burial and mourning ended, the father went to his bed to have some rest, but there was no agreement between him and the rest, and then he found a call from the cemetery guard, and then he heard from him, “Come quickly, your daughter’s grave is on fire.” The father did not believe what he heard. Was his daughter guilty of this? Limit to converge all this torment on the first night.

And he hurried there, and when he opened the grave with the cemetery keeper, he found the fire filling up, and they tried hard to control this fire, and in the end they were able to do so. active,

Immediately, the father called the police to investigate the matter, and indeed the police came and said that whoever was doing this wanted to hide his heinous crime by burning the body,

Immediately, they performed an autopsy to find out that she had died of a poisonous substance, and the words of the older sister were true, as she did not die a natural death, but she was killed in the end.

All the lines of suspicion were leading them to the husband, and indeed he admitted in the end that he did all this, but he was not conscious and was drunk, and that she was the reason for all this, and she was all the time treating me badly and threatening me that she would report me to the police because of the materials he brought home, I wished to get rid of this malignant tumor,

Then I killed her, and it would have gone unnoticed had it not been for her older sister and her insistence on an autopsy, which is why I burned the body so that no one would recognize the evidence…”The End”

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