A crisis facing the new gray mark to verify Twitter accounts

After Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, and his newly purchased social media platform starting to roll out a new gray checkmark in an effort to help clear notable accounts that had already been verified, new gray checkmarks started disappearing from different accounts.

At Musk’s request, just take a look at this tweet conversation between web video producer Marquis Brownlee and Musk:

In the tweets Brownlee quotes his own previous tweet describing the new gray check mark and the old blue check mark and including a screenshot of his own account when it still had the new gray check mark.

Brownlee’s quote from that tweet then released an update, saying his account’s new gray checkmark had disappeared.

Musk then responded to Brownlee’s quoted tweet, seemingly confirming what happened to the gray checkmarks that disappeared shortly after they were posted: “They just disappeared.”

This tweet seems to suggest that Musk will take a more “tweet and delete” approach to adding features to the platform – rolling them out and then possibly removing them quickly, with little context for why as quoted by Digitartlends.

The gray check mark removed (at least a bit) could have helped calm recent concerns about impersonation and clarify Twitter’s position on verification, the latter of which has become a bit muddled since the platform’s recent move to charge users $8 a month for a blue check badge. .

After all, the blue check was originally intended to help users find out if public figure accounts are really official accounts of these prominent people, brands, and organizations.

Understandably, paying $8 for that blue check could confuse things if users could buy a blue check without checking the platform, which could be the case according to Vox.

The gray check mark wasn’t a perfect solution to this problem, but in the absence of just giving Blue Twitter subscribers a different kind of badge or simply backing away from the whole idea of ​​forcing a blue check, the gray check mark will still be useful, especially for accounts belonging to news organizations and governments.

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