A delegation from the German Parliament visits the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Today, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat received a delegation of German parliament members that included Monica Grotz, former German Minister of Culture, Michael Müller, former mayor of Berlin, Erhard Grundel and Thomas Hacker, members of the German Parliament, in addition to Frank Hartzmann, the German ambassador in Cairo.

They were received by Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, CEO of the Museum Authority, who welcomed the guests and presented them with souvenirs, introducing them to the museum, the history of its establishment, and its unique archaeological holdings, in addition to its societal role in raising the tourism and archaeological awareness of the community.

Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim stressed the museum’s keenness to communicate with its visitors, support acquaintance between peoples, integrate cultures and exchange experiences between generations, and enhance opportunities for close cooperation between the museum and international and local personalities interested in heritage.

The delegation expressed their admiration for what they saw of unique archaeological holdings, in addition to the museum halls enjoying an interesting screenplay that delivers information to the audience in an interesting and effective manner, in addition to the use of modern technology, and the presentation of documentary films that tell the development of Egyptian civilization in a simple and enjoyable way.

The German ambassador in Cairo stressed that the museum, since its inauguration and the world’s follow-up to the ceremonies of transferring the royal mummies from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, has become the focus of attention for all visitors at the local and international levels.

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