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A dispute over 500,000 pounds causes a couple to divorce. Know the details

“He squandered my money after he borrowed it from my family, left me in a legal dispute with my brother, and refused to intervene to save me, after I was sued for a prison sentence because of my failure to return the sum of money estimated at 520,000 pounds.” Words came from one of the wives in front of Family Court in HeliopolisIn it, she claimed that she was afraid of her husband’s violence, and accused him of stealing her legal rights, and the amount of money she borrowed for him.

In her lawsuit before the Family Court, the wife added: “My husband seized the money of my family and my brother and left me in a dispute with them, after he deluded me into operating the sums and giving my family the profits, but he failed to fulfill his promises to me, deserted me, left the house and disappeared.”

The wife confirmed: “He failed to pay the expenses of his two children, even though he was well off, and the expenses were frozen at 90,000 pounds within 3 months, and he refused to give my money, and left me pending, to live in hell because of his actions and the material and moral damage he inflicted on me.”

And she continued: “He threatened me with the two children, destroyed my life, tried to take revenge on me, and seized the nursery home, which prompted me to pursue him on the claim of rent for a home, and to pursue him on charges of imprisonment for failing to spend on his two children and submitting documents proving his seizure of my money.”

The family court issued its ruling in the divorce case in favor of the wife, and obligated the husband to pay the expenses and the rights of her husband after the truth of the wife’s allegations was established, according to witnesses and official documents, and the wife feared for her life due to her husband’s violence, his squandering of her money, and his refusal to pay her expenses and his two children.

It is mentioned that according to the Personal Status Law, divorce is the dissolution of the valid marital bond, with the wording of an explicit divorce, or with a phrase that takes its place, issued by the one who owns it, who is the husband or his deputy, and defined by the Supreme Constitutional Court, as he is one of the marriage teams in which the valid marriage is dissolved by a specific and explicit wording that was Or a metaphor?.

And Article 22 of Law No. 1 of 2000, which states: “Without prejudice to the wife’s right to prove her divorced husband’s recourse to her by all means of proof, and upon denial, the husband’s claim of his divorced woman’s recourse is not accepted, unless he informs her of this revocation by official paper, before the expiry of sixty days of menstruation.” And ninety days for the one who promised her in months, from the date of documenting his divorce to her, unless she was pregnant or acknowledged that her waiting period had not expired until she was notified of the reconsideration.

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