A fatal blow… The last ISIS leader and his deputy were killed in a Sinai raid

In a fatal blow, the Sinai Tribes Union, with the help of the Egyptian army, managed to kill the last ISIS leader and his deputy in North Sinai, today, Sunday.

A tribal source announced to Al Arabiya.net the death of the emir and the last leader of ISIS and his assistant, nicknamed the Minister of War, in joint efforts of the tribesmen and the army.

He also indicated that a den of the organization was raided in North Sinai, and during the raid clashes erupted with the organization’s members, which resulted in the killing of both Ahmed Suleiman Odeh, nicknamed Al-Shayeb, who is the leader of the organization, and Younis Salim Salem Al-Qarm, the deputy emir and known as the Minister of War, noting that the two killed leaders were from the first generation. to extremist groups.

He also clarified that the slain leader of the organization, Ahmed Suleiman Odeh, was responsible for financing and supplying ISIS before he obtained the organization’s emirate by force and after he was able to kill two prominent leaders of the organization.

ISIS dead in Sinai

Palestinian ISIS

During the past months, the Egyptian army, with the help of the sons of the Sinai Tribes Union, was able to liquidate Palestinian ISIS He infiltrated from the Gaza Strip to North Sinai to participate with ISIS in operations against the army.

At the time, a tribal source revealed to Al-Arabiya.net that the Palestinian ISIS leader, Muhammad Fayyad, who was nicknamed “Abu Yahya Al-Ghazawi”, was liquidated during a special operation in the Al-Lfatat area.

This comes a few weeks after ISIS Sinai announced the killing of Musab Jamil Mutawa, a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, the son of a senior Hamas leader, and one of the elite fighters of Al-Quds Al-Qassam Brigades in an army operation.

Last May, the army managed to eliminate 10 highly dangerous terrorists in North Sinai.

A few days earlier, the army announced the liquidation of 23 terrorists after thwarting an attack on the water pumping station in western Sinai.

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