A fruit scanner that can know the ripeness status of the products and predict the shelf life

A startup company in the field of food technology called thirdabout a fruit scanner that can tell the state of ripeness of produce, in an exhibition Consumer Electronic Show (CES) In Las Vegas, using trapping algorithms, the scanner can interpret the returns from a near-infrared laser to determine the shelf life of avocados in real time.

The company is named after the fact that a third of all food produced in the world is wasted and uses a system based on the Fresh Produce Survey that helps reduce food waste by predicting shelf life.

While the current generation of product scanners can only report lab-specific tests such as sugar content and acidity, third To tell you of its freshness or possible shelf life.

This can reduce food waste in these situations by up to 25% on average.

said Marco Snickers, CEO and Founder third “The astronomical amount of food that is lost each year is heartbreaking, especially since so much is lost in rich countries. We have worked hard to create technology that helps address this ongoing global challenge that directly affects food scarcity.”

“We are proud to have built the first product that accurately and objectively predicts the shelf life of fresh produce, as interest has been overwhelming and we aim to accelerate the deployment of our technology globally,” he told Metro.

The company makes two different types of system, one for the end user in the produce aisle and one for farmers in the supply chain.

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