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A German minister calls on her country to return Nefertiti to Egypt..and confirms: She is not ours

Germany’s Minister of State for Diversity and Anti-Discrimination in Berlin, Saraya Gomis, called for the reinstatement of… Nefertiti statue located in the German capital, despite being one of the largest tourist attractions in the country, and Gomis wants to transfer all foreign antiquities and return them to their countries of origin .

Gomez said in remarks reported by Tagesspiegel newspaper: All cultural assets from other regions of the world do not belong to us, they are here illegally.“.

The statue of Nefertiti was displayed in several German museums over the years until it reached its last location in the new Berlin Museum, where it has been exhibited since 2009, and was exposed to many risks and was moved from one place to another for fear of theft or destruction during the severe bombing in Berlin and others. One of the German cities in World War II, and it was known about Hitler that he was very fond of this statue and his interest in antiquities and the arts in general and his desire to have the most valuable and rare of them in Germany.

Today, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry received an archaeological sarcophagus, known as Green coffin At a conference at the Ministry’s headquarters, in the presence of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Ahmed Issa, and the US Chargé d’Affairs in Cairo.

The coffin lid is distinguished by its exceptional size, with a length of more than 3 meters, and it is made of wood covered with hieroglyphic writings, and it has a green colored face, and it is also decorated with gold decorations..

At the end of last September, Egypt announced the recovery of the cover of an “extraordinary archaeological sarcophagus” belonging to the priest of the city of Herakiopolis, “called Ankh-Maat”, from the United States of America. It was in the possession of the Houston Museum, and it was received by the Egyptian Consulate in the city..

In the past three years, American investigations have proven that 16 Egyptian artifacts were illegally smuggled in 3 different cases, including 6 that were recovered from the Metropolitan Museum, and 9 rare artifacts that were in the possession of an American businessman, in addition to a gold coin dating back to the Ptolemaic era..

Bilateral agreements between Egypt and some countries of the European Union, North and Latin America have achieved remarkable success in the file of recovering smuggled antiquities..

Egypt recovered 106 artifacts during 2022, including an artifact from New Zealand, two antique statues from Brussels, a late-era bronze statue of the goddess Isis from Bern, Switzerland, a coffin lid from ancient Egyptian times from the United States of America, and 16 Egyptian artifacts from the United States. The United States of America, 6 artifacts from the United Arab Emirates, an artifact from France, 28 artifacts from Uruguay, and 50 artifacts from Britain, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities..

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