A groom stripped of his manhood…by force he forced his wife to meet his friends in pajamas…and the shocking surprise is what happened on the wedding night!

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A case of widespread controversy raised by one of the girls through private groups on “Facebook”, after publishing her own experience of marriage,

Which made her want to ask for a divorce from her husband, who refused her request, asking her to divorce him if she wanted to give him all her financial rights, so that the girl who no longer wanted to complete her married life with him would respond to him.

You did not find the girl named Shaima. M., who is 28 years old, has no choice but to resort to the girls on their Facebook groups, to know their opinions about her desire to file a divorce case against her husband,

After a marriage that lasted for two years, during which she tried to make him give up all his bad habits, which turned their lives into “hell”, according to her interview with “Henn”,

From the first moment of marriage, surprises began to follow, which began when she discovered that he had taken narcotic pills on the wedding night.

Shaima tried repeatedly to talk to him about taking narcotic pills, but he did not respond to them. Despite his great love for her, he sometimes avoided her and quarreled with her at other times, until it came to beating and insulting her, pointing out that he used to hit her severely, So this became a normal thing for him.

“The grain is blinding him and letting him do the needs of our Lord, He will not be satisfied with it.” With this phrase, “Shaima” expressed her suffering with her husband, who became not afraid of the punishment of his Creator, as he began to ask her to practice forbidden acts in an intimate relationship,

He used to beat her when she refused, and the matter developed with him that he was receiving his friends at home, and when he greeted them, he would tell her that there was no need to wear other clothes, pointing out that he was shyly asking her to meet them with those clothes that she wears at home on the grounds that her clothes are not attractive. ,

Which made her immediately think of her desire to divorce him. Shaima ended her talk, that although she married him after a love story that lasted for 3 years,

However, she could no longer tolerate more than that, as he had been keen over the past two years to eliminate those feelings that she had been carrying towards him during the past years, noting that she was sad because she had not been pregnant from him so far, but at the moment she realized that there are Wisdom than that.

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