A growth in Egyptian food exports to France by 15% to reach 50 million dollars in 2021

Tamim Al-Dawy, Deputy Executive Director of the Export Council for Food Industries, announced that the sector’s exports to France will grow by 15% in 2021 to record about $50 million, compared to $43 million in 2020.

He added during the activities of the symposium organized by the Export Council under the title “Opportunities to develop Egyptian food industries exports on the sidelines of the SIAL Paris” exhibition, that France occupies the 23rd place in the list of the most important import markets for Egyptian processed foods during 2021, noting that the number of Egyptian companies exporting processed foods in France During the past year, about 135 companies, including 16 companies, whose exports exceeded one million dollars, representing 77% of the total exports.

He pointed out that Egypt’s exports of food industries to France witnessed a variation over the past 8 years, recording about $294 million, with a growth rate of 61.3% between 2021 and 2014.

He noted that 10 commodities account for 92% of Egypt’s exports of food industries to France with a value of $45 million, topped by “oils and aromatic resins” with a value of $14 million, representing 29% of the sector’s total exports to France, followed by “oil seeds and fruits” with a value of 7 Millions of dollars at 15%, and “frozen strawberries” at a value of 7 million dollars, then “frozen vegetables” at a value of 4 million dollars.

El-Dawy added that Egypt’s exports of frozen artichokes to France amounted to $4 million during 2021, about $3 million from fish, about $2 million from ethyl alcohol, about $2 million from “vegetable preparations,” from “fruit preparations” about $1 million, and from molasses. About a million dollars.

Al-Dawi also announced the council’s participation in the “SIAL” exhibition, which will be held in the French capital, Paris, from 15 to 19 October.

On the other hand, Heba Sohail, Director of Exhibitions Department at the Council, revealed the participation of 73 Egyptian companies on an area of ​​950 meters, divided into 3 halls, to highlight the extent of the great development achieved by the Egyptian food industries, including 67 food industries companies, and 5 agricultural crops companies, representing various sectors in the field of Food industries including frozen vegetables and fruits, edible oils, grains and legumes, olives and olive oil, pasta, sweets, snacks, tomato sauce, yeast, canned food, juices, dates, dairy products and cheese, halva, tahini, oat products, tea and herbal tea, as well as crop companies. Fresh agricultural.

Suhail added that the council has been keen on periodic participation in the exhibition for about 20 years, noting that the exhibition is one of the most important food industries exhibitions in the world, which allows Egyptian companies to promote their exports not only in France but also to all European countries, explaining that he visits the exhibition annually, about 16 A thousand visitors from countries to which we are interested in increasing exports, in addition to more than 160 thousand visitors from new countries in which we seek to open markets.

Sohail indicated that, in coordination with the Commercial Representation Authority, the participating companies were promoted, and the commercial representation provided data to customers and importers interested in Egyptian products, to invite them to visit the Egyptian pavilion, adding that this year will witness the participation of medium and small companies in a complex pavilion, to identify the possibility of opening opportunities It will also provide visitors with information about the sector’s exports in different markets.

For his part, Karim Wissa, Director General of the French Chamber of Industry, said that the Chamber is working to encourage Egyptian exports to the French market in particular and European countries in general, by facilitating bilateral cooperation and trade exchanges through the network of chambers of commerce amounting to 126 chambers in 96 countries in the world. The Chamber will work to help the companies participating in the SIAL exhibition by organizing meetings with their counterparts, in addition to the possibility of organizing a visit to the French market of Rungis, which is one of the largest wholesale markets in Paris, through the Chamber’s Agriculture Committee.

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