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A harsh farewell in the presence of the sons and the sister.. the story of the end of the head of a poor family

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Thursday 03 November 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

Continuous use of toxins that decimated his body and before him his psychological state, which became captive to a drug dose to give him false happiness and a deceptive escape from a bitter reality that he did not move to change it all.

Beneath a residential property in the Mansha’at al-Bakari area, located in the Haram district, west of Giza, the neighbors gathered from a huddled dog towards the sound of a woman’s screaming and before him the impact of a solid object on the ground.

Tragedy was the master of the scene. The lady of the earth lies embracing her brother’s corpse, “Why did you do this?” Before a security force arrived, according to the instructions of Brigadier General Ali Abdel Rahman, Head of Investigations in the Western Sector, and before that, an ambulance and forensic men.

A security cordon imposed by the police forces under the supervision of Colonel Hani Al-Husseini, Inspector of Al-Haram Investigations; To facilitate the task of criminal investigation officers in collecting investigations, finding out the circumstances of the entire incident, and ascertaining the existence of a criminal suspicion or not.

The investigations of Major Ahmed Essam, chief of the Haram investigations, and his assistant, Major Muhammad Saudi, revealed the scenes behind what happened in the fourth-floor apartment, and before that, the tragedy of a family man in the Badrashin Center in the south of the governorate.

A harsh life lived by the forty-year-old as a result of his addiction to drugs, and his marital disputes with “Umm Al-Ayal” escalated, so she decided to end their married life, which culminated in four children, “I can’t live with you…drugs destroyed us and you,” so he had to play the role of father and mother at the same time.

The suffering of the head of the broken family worsened by his loss of shelter, so he moved temporarily to his sister in the al-Bakari facility until things changed and he had money to help him find a new home, but difficult circumstances made him prey to abnormal thoughts called depression, so he decided to leave by suicide. The father jumped from the balcony of his sister’s apartment on the fourth floor in the sight and hearing of his sons in a scene that will not be erased by his fateful memory forever.

The state works to provide support to psychiatric patients through more than one hotline to help those who have psychological problems or a desire to commit suicide, most notably the hotline of the General Secretariat of Mental Health, at the Ministry of Health and Population, to receive psychological inquiries and psychological support, and support those wishing to commit suicide, through No. 08008880700, 0220816831, all day.

The National Council for Mental Health has also designated a hotline for psychological inquiries 20818102. The Egyptian Dar Al-Iftaa affirmed that suicide is a major sin and a crime against self and Sharia, and the suicide is not an infidel, and the guilt of this crime should not be underestimated, nor should justifications be found and a state of sympathy with this Rather, it is treated as a mental illness that can be treated by specialists.

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