A heinous honor crime that shook the kingdom: a coach insults a minor girl and blackmails her in an unimaginable way, and its end is unimaginable!

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The security authorities in the Kingdom of Morocco arrested a football coach, who deliberately raped one of the players in his team, in the city of Beni Mellal in central Morocco.

In the details of the incident, the coach was using a football player in the team he coaches, which is the team that plays in the junior category, according to (Al-Ain News).

It is related to a 53-year-old man, who used his authority and legal status as a coach for the female junior team, to deceive the 15-year-old victim, woo and harass her before starting to physically exploit her.

It is noteworthy that the arrested suspect was documenting his sexual practice using his mobile phone, as he was doing this to blackmail her if she refused to submit to his wishes. However, these photos and videos were leaked in a way that the security authorities are still looking into.

The coach’s case did not become clear, until intimate and scandalous photos were leaked between the 50-year-old coach and the minor victim, and social media activists circulated these photos on social media.

The royal gendarmerie reacted quickly to the dangerous contents of these photos, to summon the victim, accompanied by her father, to listen to them about the incident.

The perpetrator was arrested after careful security coordination, especially as he tried to flee towards the city of Marrakesh in the center of the country.

The competent security and judicial authorities are investigating the man to reveal the circumstances of the case, the circumstances of its occurrence and its real background, and to determine whether the accused has other victims who were exploited by the team he is training.

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