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A horrific crime shakes Egypt. He cut off his wife’s head and sent a selfie with her to her family

A heinous crime terrified an Egyptian village, this Sunday morning, when a young man slaughtered his wife, separated her head from her body, sent the head to her family, then took a selfie next to the corpse, and asked the media to come to photograph with him.

In the details, the village of Tira, which is affiliated with the city of Nabaruh, in the Dakahlia Governorate, in northern Egypt, witnessed the horrific crime when a young man named Hamada Al-Agouz slaughtered his wife and sent her head to her family.

Major General Marwan Habib, Director of Dakahlia Security, received a notification from the villagers stating that a husband had slaughtered his wife and took pictures next to the body and sent it to her family. When they tried to catch him, he threatened to slaughter his children.

A security force moved to the site of the accident, where it was found that the husband, Hamada Al-Agouz, was sitting next to his wife’s decapitated body and speaking in a live broadcast on his Facebook page, and when the investigation officers tried to arrest him, he grabbed his three sons and threatened to slaughter them.

It turned out that disputes arose between the husband and his wife, called (Z.I.F., 26 years old), as a result of which he was forced to slaughter her, while it turned out that the couple had been married for 9 years.

Preliminary investigations revealed that there are permanent disputes between the husband and wife, and differences occurred between them two years ago and they separated, but reconciliation took place between them two weeks ago, and the wife returned to her husband’s house to slaughter her this morning and represent her corpse.

Investigation officers were able to apprehend the accused, control him and save the children.

A report of the incident was drawn up and the Public Prosecution Office was notified to initiate investigations.

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