A Kuwaiti official is robbed at the opening ceremony of the Gulf 25: They ripped my pocket and stole my wallet

A Kuwaiti official confirmed that he was robbed during the storming of the opening ceremony of the Gulf Cup, which is currently being held in Basra, Iraq.

Abdulaziz Al-Samhan, a member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Football Association, said: “They slit my dishdashti’s pocket with a razor … and kept my pocket (my wallet),” according to what he said in a video published by the “Your Newspaper” account on Twitter.

He added, “We left the platform and came out after the news that the representative of the Emir of the country had not entered. This thing disturbed and annoyed us, and we are in solidarity with Sheikh Fahd Nasser Al-Sabah, and currently we are in the hotel, our residence.”

A clash forces the Kuwaiti delegation to withdraw

Video clips have been circulated showing a clash of hands during the opening ceremony of the Gulf Cup “Gulf 25” championship, yesterday, Friday, in the Iraqi city of Basra.

While the security forces were unable to control the situation, the Kuwaiti mission announced its withdrawal, according to Kuwaiti local media.

The sources added that the mission was the last delegation to arrive at the Basra stadium, according to the arrangements of the organizing committee, and withdrew from the ceremony for security reasons.

And she added that uninvited parties entered the opening ceremony, specifically in the VIP places, which caused chaos.

Loose security

It is noteworthy that the Kuwaiti delegation arrived at the stadium, headed by the Emir’s representative and head of the Kuwaiti Olympic Committee, Sheikh Fahd Al-Nasser, and accompanied by the Iraqi Minister of Sports, Ahmed Al-Mubarqa.

After the clashes, the Minister of Sports suggested to the Kuwaiti delegation that they leave the stadium due to the lack of security.

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