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A lawyer who killed his mistress’s mother with the help of her daughter in Port Said is appealing the verdict issued against his client

Abdullah El-Beltagy, the lawyer for the accused of killing the mother of his mistress with the help of her daughter in Port Said, confirmed today, Monday, that he had appealed against the ruling issued against his client, and revealed the available options for the fate of his client after appealing the ruling issued by the Child Criminal Court to punish him by placing him in a punitive institution, “care homes.” .

The child’s lawyer explained, in press statements, that the appeal came due to an error in the application of the law and the invalidity of the trial procedures, that after submitting an appeal to the Attorney General of the Port Said Prosecution Office in accordance with the right of the accused to appeal against this ruling by appeal, he has two options: either the court will rule to reduce the sentence or rule to uphold it. The punishment.

He added, “There is a rule that an appellant is not harmed by his appeal, so it is impossible to intensify the punishment for the accused in the appeal that we submitted, and if this appeal was not successful, then there is another degree for the accused to appeal before the Court of Cassation.”

He announced that the Counselor General of the Port Said Prosecution Office had set a session on January 31 for reconsideration, as the accused was summoned to the headquarters of the Port Said Court of First Instance, and he appealed the report.

The Attorney General had ordered the referral of a girl to the Criminal Court, and the referral of an accused child under the age of 15 to the competent Child Court, accusing them of premeditatedly killing the mother of the accused.

And she passed Port Said Criminal CourtLast Saturday, headed by Counselor Mr. Abdel Aziz, and the membership of the counselors: Ahmed Ali Geneina, Imad Abu Al-Hassan Abdullah, and Ashraf Obaid Ali, by referring the case papers of the student accused of killing her mother in cooperation with her child lover in Port Said Governorate to His Eminence, the Mufti, and setting the next February 18 session to pronounce the verdict. .

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