A legendary wedding turns into a big accident…. the death of two newlyweds on the wedding night in Egypt and the reason is shocking and unexpected!! (exciting details)

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In a new tragedy and a recurring accident, two Egyptian brides, the 26-year-old groom and the 18-year-old bride, breathed their last hours after their wedding, after they left the gas heater turned on, which led to its leakage inside the bathroom where they were bathing together.

In the details of the incident that took place a few days ago, the happiness of the family of the newlyweds turned to sorrows and funerals in the village of Minya Al-Hayt, Fayoum Governorate in Upper Egypt.

After they celebrated their marriage on Monday evening, without responding to their thoughts, “Thursday night” would be the last for them in the world, according to the Masrawy website.

Only 48 hours were lived by the relatives of “Walid and Najah” and the people of the village in the midst of the joy of the newlyweds. “Walid Abu al-Khair” was loved among the people, as his neighbors said, while his bride, “Najah Muhammad”, enjoyed a good reputation among everyone;

Their marriage culminated in the joy of the people of the village before things turned upside down last Thursday night. Neighbors of the newlyweds confirmed that on Thursday morning, they smelled gas emanating from Walid and Najah’s apartment, so they doubted the matter and rushed to break the apartment door to clarify the matter.

The neighbors explained that they found “Walid and his bride Najah” inside the bathroom, two lifeless and motionless bodies, and that they tried to rescue them by transferring them to Ita Central Hospital, but the attempts failed to save their lives; To write that last line in their story together.

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