A “master strike” .. a fiery decision by Al-Ahly club causes the largest loss in the history of Zamalek!!

Media reports said this morning, Tuesday, that the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors has officially agreed to pay the fine for the player “Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba” during the coming hours, and this is so that the player can return to participate in the matches again after the end of the penalty period imposed on him by the federation. The International Football Association “FIFA” and the Sports Court in favor of Zamalek banned him for a period of six months and a fine of 2.5 million US dollars.

A teacher’s blow from Al-Ahly

Responsible sources within Al-Ahly Club indicated that the council had agreed to pay the fine, but on condition that the money be paid in one of the Zamalek accounts that were seized in the past hours by a court decision, and this is so that the traditional rival of the Red Castle could not benefit from those funds. .

According to media reports, Al-Ahly will pay the $2.5 million signed on “Kahraba” and the player will bear part of that fine, by deducting some amounts from his annual salary in Al-Ahly Club.

The fact that Mortada Mansour resigned from his position

The last hours witnessed rumors about the resignation of Counselor Mortada Mansour from the presidency of the Zamalek club, which sparked a state of controversy among the ranks of the fans in the White Castle, and questions began to increase about the fact that “Mortada” had left his position and who would be the alternative.

An official source in Zamalek answered these questions, and said that Counselor Mortada Mansour continues in his position and will not leave the club at the present time, stressing that the matter is just a threat by the President of Zamalek until the Ministry of Youth and Sports intervenes to solve the crisis of seizure of the club’s balances.

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