A member of “Entrepreneurs”: the golden license will be very popular to support the industry

Dr. Walid Al-Suwaidi, Vice-Chairman of the Engineering Consultation Committee of the Egyptian Businessmen Association, said that the first industry conference achieved for industry and businessmen many positive results and great success for the economy in all respects, adding that President Sisi in the first industry conference succeeded in giving a message of reassurance to all manufacturers and the private sector. He called on the government to support industry and the private sector in proportion to the great support of the political leadership of the private sector and businessmen.

He added that President Sisi laid down ways for the private sector and industry to succeed, as he developed solutions to the challenges facing industrial investors. In the industry conference, the president gave very strong indicators for the advancement of the industrial sectors and provided him with all support, especially the golden license, which allows all approvals and avoids all permits to start activity It was one of the most important decisions taken by the president and demanded by the Egyptian Businessmen Association to give licenses to all applicants within 3 months.

He stressed that the golden license is a respectable decision and is supported by the Egyptian Businessmen Association, as it will be very popular for the state to support the industry in the next stage, noting that the most important thing in the current stage is to move the wheel of production by facilitating the entry of raw materials and basic production requirements to sustain production and market stability.

He pointed out that one of the most important recommendations of President Sisi in the first industrial conference and the economic conference is to provide all the required support from the government to the industrial sector, including entering the banking sector strongly in financing productive activity and prioritizing the industry and giving preference to the local product.

He stressed that the Engineering Consulting Committee of the Businessmen Association, within the framework of the state’s interest in empowering the industry and favoring the local product, will support all industries and the private sector by giving consulting offices priority in classifying the Egyptian product in all contracts of real estate and construction projects in the Egyptian market at the current stage.

He added that the committee, in cooperation with the Industry Committee of the Businessmen Association and the sectoral committees, will join hands and hold more intensive meetings to push the process of characterizing the Egyptian product in the contracts of developers and contractors projects to a greater extent, based on the national duty of businessmen and our social responsibility in supporting the economic, social and export activities of Egypt at the current stage.

The Vice-Chairman of the Engineering Consultation Committee of the Businessmen Association confirmed that the state’s national projects in the areas of infrastructure, utilities and urban development will have a greater opportunity and share for manufacturers to cover market needs, in addition to many export opportunities, especially with Africa, especially in light of the competitive prices of gas and electricity in Egypt, which are available to a large extent. To advance the industry compared to the countries of the world in light of the economic conditions and the exceptional circumstances faced by the economies of the countries of the world.

He pointed out that the Central Bank of Egypt’s decisions last Thursday to float the pound was a good decision and did not significantly affect the prices of real estate units as well as strategic goods, as most manufacturers have in the past period priced their products at the same value of the pound against the dollar currently, and therefore it will not have an impact on the products.

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