A new feature of the Android operating system that competes with iOS.. Get to know it

The American technology company, Google, revealed a new feature in the Android smart device operating system that facilitates the connection between the many smart devices that operate with the Android system for each user, such as a smartphone or tablet computer, wireless speakers, and smart home devices.

The site specialized in technology issues that this is the latest attempt by Google to compete with the iOS operating system produced by Apple and contains this feature. added that the ease of linking between Apple’s various smart devices made it the world’s second-largest smartphone maker and the largest producer of smart watches and AirPods.

Google called the new feature “Media Notification” (media alerts), and it is considered the latest attempt by the American company to confirm that it is not required that different smart devices be produced by one company so that they can be linked together to work together.

Google has been seeking to reach this goal for years by introducing features such as Phone Hub, Neighborhood Share, and Fast Bear.

For his part, Eric Kay, Google’s vice president of engineering for the Android operating system, said about these improvements, “This is an ongoing investment … We have reached a stage where any new feature that works on a phone or smart watch must be a feature that is compatible with multiple devices over time.”

Music platforms Spotify and YouTube Music are set to be the first apps compatible with Media Notification.

Google is also cooperating with Spotify to allow the ability to play files between Spotify Connect devices in the background with the audio file playback program in the Android 13 operating system, in a new step aimed at improving connectivity between different Android devices.

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