A new feature on Facebook helps creators communicate with followers.. Know the details

Facebook, owned by Meta, confirmed that it is now introducing new Pages features to help creators connect with their followers.

“We’re introducing new features that help creators who use Pages discover them and connect with their fans,” the company wrote on Twitter. The platform said the new Rising Creator Labels allow people to discover emerging creators who are best at building interactive communities on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the company also said that Creators on iOS can access a “composer selector” in their navigation bar to easily gain entry to create a story or reel or to go live.

And this month, the platform also announced a new feature called “Community Chats” that will soon allow users to communicate with their communities in real time on both Facebook and Messenger via text, voice and video messages. Community as a new way to connect with people who share your interests.

Community chats will only be accessible to group members. Community chats members can also report messages to group admins or the Meta, block users, or leave the chat at any time.

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