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A picture and information.. “The hammer and the mousse” are the strangest men’s haircuts in Egypt

Some believe that men’s shaving tools are limited only to scissors, comb and razor, which are traditional tools used in barbershops Over the past years, but what many people do not know is that shaving tools have evolved and some barbers use different tools that no one would think of in shaving hair.

Recently, on social networking sites, video clips of a barber using a cleaver to shave the hair of one of the women appeared in a beauty salon without the latter feeling afraid, but showing her feeling of enjoyment and accepting the matter, waiting for a positive result in the end.

And other video clips spread in some different beauty salons for a barber while he was styling his customer’s hair with a knife and another with an ax, which surprised many pioneers of social networking sites, who were keen to publish videos on their personal pages, as it spread in some villages in India, haircuts with fire, This sparked the uproar and astonishment of the pioneers of “Social Media” and published the video clip of the barber on their own pages.

The matter was not much different in Egypt, as some barbers followed different and new ways to impress their customers and to follow in the footsteps of barbers in various countries of the world. The customer is the new way of shaving hair without showing any discomfort in this matter.

Hammer haircut

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