A Portuguese company develops a robotic buoy to rescue drowning swimmers

A Portuguese company has developed a self-propelled buoy, which is a water robot to rescue drowning victims, especially those who are terrified of them during drowning, as no one can save them at this time, and it could cause many to drown with the victim.

Engadget reports that the most dangerous aspect of a water rescue for first responders is not the treacherous environmental conditions, but rather the panicked, terrified victim able to drag the rescuer under the waves with them. Rather than risk national treasures like David Hasselhoff, the self-propelled U-Safe buoy from Noras Portuguese Performance will catch the waves in their stead, reports engadget.

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It is an aquatic robot designed to drive into a swimmer in distress using a pair of turbines mounted in its “legs”. The turbines are multi-directional and operate regardless of the direction of the U-Safe in the water. It can reach a maximum speed of 15 km/h and a range of up to 3.2 nautical miles. As long as first responders can maintain their line of sight, the entire unit weighs just over 30 pounds with an inductively charged lithium-ion battery to provide power.

It is controlled using a one-handed Bluetooth remote control, and is itself purchase and waterproof, so there is little risk of a side bailout because you drop the controller overboard. U-Safe was first introduced in 2017, and has since been certified Developed by both the Italian and Portuguese Coast Guards, U-Safe is being prepared for release in the United States later this year.

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