A private session between Kohler and Michelle Yancon in Al-Ahly .. Know the details

The Swiss Marcel Koller, the new coach of Al-Ahly club, held a special session with the team’s goalkeeper coach, Michel Yancon, during which each side got acquainted with the other.

Al-Ahly announced the signing of the Swiss Marcel Koehler to coach the team to succeed the Portuguese Ricardo Suarez, along with three foreign coaches, in addition to Yancon’s return to the first team after working for a period in the junior sector in Al-Ahly.

Yancon worked in the first team with the Swiss Rene Fyler and then continued to work in the South African device Pitso Mosimane, before the board of directors decided to assign Yancon to supervise the goalkeepers of the youth sector after the Portuguese Ricardo Suarez took over as technical director of the team, but after thanking the Portuguese coach, Yancon returned to the team. The first in Marcel Kohler’s device.

Earlier, Yankun said that he became part of the Al-Ahly club family, and I cannot forget the fans who gave me everything during the last period, and he continued in a video intervention with the media, Ibrahim Fayek, on the “Al-Thalta Audience” program broadcast on Ontime Sports 2: My relationship. Very strong with Mohamed El-Shennawy, Ali Lotfi and Mustafa Schubert, and it is still continuing and I am proud to deal with them, and Al-Ahly does not need new goalkeepers, and it has great guards, whether in the first team or juniors at the highest level.”

Kohler discussed several issues related to Egyptian football and goalkeeper Al-Ahly with Belgian Michel Yancon.

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