A quarrel in a car driving to arrest a fugitive accused of life in possession of half a kilo of opium in Assiut

A quarrel between the passengers of one of the microbus cars led the security forces by chance in the center of abnob, To arrest a fugitive from the execution of a life sentence while riding a microbus, after he quarreled with the passengers, which made them stop the car and ask the driver to stand in front of the Arab Al-Awamer ambush on the eastern desert road in the area of ​​Abnoub Center in Assiut Governorate, go to the ambush and ask the police officer to intervene in the matter .

Major General Ahmed Gamal, Assistant Minister of Interior and Director of Assiut Security, had received a notification from the Abnoub police station’s warden stating that a fugitive from a life sentence had been arrested, in possession of half a kilo of heroin, after the officer in the ambush of Arab Al-Awtamer summoned the passengers of one of the microbus cars for help.

Immediately, First Lieutenant Muhammad Mashhour Saber, the assistant detective of the Abnoub Police Station, went with a force of an ambush, and they went to the car to examine and speak with the accused, and it turned out that he was speaking in incomprehensible words. , It was found that he was sentenced in Case No. 17678 of 2020 Al-Fath Center in absentia to life imprisonment, and the security force took him into a room in an ambush, and he was holding a black plastic bag, and during his search, two cylinders of heroin weighing 448 g were found inside the bag, and he admitted that he possessed the seizures, and the report was released Necessary and under way to the Public Prosecution.

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