A sentence of complete dismissal from teaching .. the professor of Egypt “support me”

She met the Egyptian university professor Mona Prince There was widespread sympathy after the Supreme Administrative Court in Egypt issued a final ruling, on Monday, rejecting her appeal against her dismissal from her job, due to the issue of her dancing videos.

The pioneers of social networking sites commented on the ruling, stressing that the professor had been wronged.

strange rule

There are also those who saw that the last ruling issued against the professor was “strange”.

After the verdict was issued, she was suspended The former professor at Suez Canal UniversityShe asked for support through her Facebook account, by publishing a link to her books and asking her followers to buy them.

The decision to reject the appeal of Dr. Mona Prince, an English language teacher at the Faculty of Education at Suez University, against the background of publishing dancing videos, came after the court ascertained that the reasons justifying him were legal, according to its statement.

two offenses

She also confirmed that the two violations attributed to the professor against her had been proven, represented by her publishing several videos in which she danced on her social media page on Facebook, with her insistence on repeating the publication of new clips, which degrades the prestige of the university professor, his message and his responsibility for spreading values ​​and upgrading.

In addition, the court considered that it is not permissible for a university professor to use dancing as a slogan in which she invites people, in a way that undermines her prestige in front of her students, hurts the feelings of her students, and affects the pride of her colleagues.

While the second violation was the deviation from the scientific description of the academic curricula and the dissemination of destructive ideas, according to the statement.

The court added that the case papers included a CD that contained pictures of “Prince” in swimsuits posted on her Facebook page, as well as many other pictures of her dancing in various places, either alone or with other people, with wine bottles in front of her.

It is noteworthy that the videos of Professor Mona Prince, a few years ago, sparked controversy in Egypt, while the number of her followers on social media has increased significantly in recent times.

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