A shocking message from “GB Ghabbour” to the car barriers in Egypt

In a strange development, the car blockers received The Egyptian company “GB Ghabbour Auto” A shocking message, I asked them to go to the company’s headquarters to receive the reservation provider, because the company is unable to provide cars at the present time.

According to a statement, the company stated that they were contacted through text messages to inform them of their presence in the announced branches in order to recover the reservation amounts, instead of transferring them to the court.

In its letter to customers, the company said: “Due to the company’s failure to provide Hyundai Tucson and Elantra CN7 cars, to its customers due to the global crisis that had an impact on the local economy and led to the failure to issue documentary credits from local banks to import fully-made cars for several months and based on the Consumer Protection Agency Decision No. 4/5 of 2022 obligating the company to refund the value of the reservation paid by customers in addition to interest at a rate of 18%, according to what was detailed in the aforementioned decision.

She added: “In cooperation from the company with its valued customers, the company will refund the value of the reservation paid by you, in addition to the return determined by the Consumer Protection Agency. .

And the company continued in its letter: “Therefore, please come to the headquarters of your branch to receive a check that refunds the reservation value and the scheduled return, knowing that in the event that you do not receive your check within 10 working days from the date of the letter, the company will take legal measures from displaying the amount and depositing it in the court’s treasury. belonging to your domicile.

The dollar shortage crisis has caused a significant decline in car sales in the Egyptian market, as data issued by the Automotive Market Information Council “AMIC” indicate that the total sales of the car market during the first half of this year stopped at 122,318 units, down by 11.56% year on year.

Sales of “angel” passenger cars, both domestic and imported, declined during the first six months of this year by 8%, recording 92,621 cars, compared to 101,046 cars during the same period last year.

The performance of the truck sector also declined during the first half of 2022, as total sales decreased, according to the “AMIC” report, by 19%, by 20,645 units, compared to 25,459 trucks in 2021.

The passenger bus sector continued the series of decline and was the most affected, as sales decreased by 23.3% to stop at 9,052 units, compared to 11,806 buses during the same period last year.

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