A significant decline in gold prices globally.. 21 grams in Egypt drops to 1112 pounds

Gold prices fell today, a little while ago, very slightly, by about one pound only, to record a gram of 21 carat gold, which is the best-selling in Egypt, 1112 pounds per gram, and the global price of gold at the time of drafting these lines was 1685 dollars.

Gold price today in Egypt

21 carat records 1113 pounds

18 caliber records 954 pounds

24 karat gold records 1272 pounds

The gold pound is 8904 pounds.

Gold prices on the global stock exchange fell to levels of 1685 dollars, compared to 1705 dollars yesterday, Wednesday, against the backdrop of expectations of an expected hike in the interest rate in the United States of America, to record US interest rates at record levels this year, which affects the attractiveness of gold.

The global gold market was affected by the announcement of industrial output in Japan, the consumer price index in Britain and the monthly report of the International Energy Agency, and the consumer price index in Saudi Arabia, the trade balance in the euro area, the interest rate in Britain, retail sales in America and requests for American benefits are scheduled to be announced.

The market closes on Friday, September 16, amid anticipation of the announcement of industrial production in China, retail sales in Britain and the consumer price index in the euro area. These events and economic data affect the price indicators of currencies, gold and major metals, and are considered a measure of the economy’s movement, especially with regard to inflation, trade balance and corporate performance. and others.

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