A slight rise in oil prices, Brent records 92.42 dollars and 85.93 dollars for US crude

Today, Tuesday, oil prices recorded 92.42 dollars per barrel for the futures contracts for the international standard Brent, and the US West Texas Intermediate crude futures recorded 85.93 dollars per barrel, as prices witnessed a slight increase today.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has warned that Europe may witness in the winter a shutdown of 40% of its industries due to the energy crisis as a result of Western sanctions against Russia.

Orban criticized the European Union’s sanctions on Russia, saying that it is “like someone who shoots in the foot,” as he put it, according to what was reported by “Russia Today”.

Orban stressed that his country would oppose the extension of sanctions against Russia, blaming the West for the ongoing large-scale fighting in Ukraine, noting that Western interference in it makes it a “global conflict.”

Today, Tuesday, Venezuela announced that a huge fire broke out in an oil refinery in the east of the country, without causing any casualties.

And the (France 24) news channel quoted Venezuelan Oil Minister Tariq El-Aissami as saying: “Lightning struck the water treatment basin of the refinery located on the sea in Puerto La Cruz, in the state of Anzo Tigi, explaining that the basin contained hydrocarbon residues, which caused the fire to erupt.”

Al-Aysami confirmed that the fire was huge, but it did not affect the refining facilities that were evacuated from the workers, and the refinery itself witnessed last Saturday a fire caused by a fuel leak, but it also did not result in human casualties.

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